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Fountains for Riverside Residential and Commercial Landscaping


Having outdoor fountains installed in your Riverside landscaping can create a soothing as well as a spectacular addition to your current landscape design. Riverside home or business property owners should consider the many benefits of installing outdoor fountains.

  • The relaxing and peaceful sound of running water
  • Garden fountains make a wonderful bird bath
  • Birds will stay longer in your yard which aids in plant pollination
  • Garden fountains can actually increase the value of your property

There are a variety of styles to choose from and a local Riverside landscaping company is a good place to start. We can help you in your search to find local installation services for outdoor fountains. Just click for a free service quote right from our website. There is no obligation and it is free to do so!

Outdoor Fountains Installed to Enhance Your Riverside Property


Outdoor fountains come in a multitude of shapes and sizes, but they all follow two basic types. There are advantages to either type so the fountain you choose will depend upon your Riverside property and your design preference.

Spray fountains utilize a pipe and nozzle to create different patterns for the water spray. With a geyser outdoor fountain, the water flow will be straight up into the air. The other type of spray fountain is a bell fountain which is typically rounder in appearance with a shorter spray.

Spill fountains will use gravity to move water through a tap and basin fountain design. Water that accumulates in the basin is pumped back up to the tap. Garden fountains with this design can be ceramic vases, stacked containers or even stacked rocks.

Riverside residents will also need to consider the type of water pump that is required for landscape or garden fountains. There are submersible pumps and external pumps, each of which may be more appropriate to a particular type of fountain. This is another area where a local Riverside landscaping company can help you decide which type of outdoor fountain will best suit your needs.

Garden Fountains Installed in Riverside


There is an amazing variety of garden fountains and outdoor fountains that can be installed on your residential or commercial property. A professional Riverside landscaping company can provide the expert fountain installation services you need.

  • Bubbling fountains that are more soothing than visual
  • Floating fountains that make great landscaping focal points
  • Pedestal fountains that can support different fountain types
  • Boulder and rock for natural outdoor fountains
  • Wall fountains and statuary fountains

The hardest part for the Riverside resident is deciding which type of outdoor fountain you want! Let us help you and request your free quote today for installation and services for outdoor fountains.

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