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Landscaping Services for Mesa Residential and Commercial Property

Landscaping and maintenance services we provide include:

Landscaping • Landscape Design • Landscape Installation • Drainage Systems • Irrigation Systems • Sprinkler Systems • Retaining Walls • Outdoor Fireplaces • Water Features • Ponds • Water Fountains • Paver Installation • Accent Lighting • Decks & Patios - and more! Contact us for a free landscaping quote.


Did you know that landscaping adds as much as 15% to a property’s resale value? This financial reward combined with other economic benefits, are more than enough reasons to renovate your existing Mesa landscape or plan for a new one.

Many local landscaping companies for Mesa residential and commercial properties employ professional designers and architects, who have the expertise to plan and execute simple to complex landscape designs to suit your needs and budget.

Homeowners and businessmen can take advantage of the services of landscaping companies in the Mesa area to improve their living environment.

Landscape design plans are not just about plants and where to install them. It involves a comprehensive approach that takes into account the local climate, the type of architecture, the condition of the soil, the terrain and so much more.

In addition, you will be amazed at the endless list of landscape design ideas to choose from. The possibilities are mind-boggling! A small portion of this long list includes:

  • Patios, decks, retaining walls
  • Spas, swimming pools, fountains and ponds
  • Outdoor living spaces and kitchens
  • Gazebos
  • Walkways
  • Trellises
  • Landscape lighting
  • Erosion control
  • Drainage

Choice Landscaping Services can direct you to professional and reliable local landscaping companies in the Mesa area. You can even request a free no-obligation quote right from this website and in no time at all, you will be on your way to fulfilling the landscape of your dreams!

Landscaping Companies Serving the Mesa Community


A well designed and installed landscape done by a professional goes beyond making a great impression and boosting resale value. Some other benefits include:

  • High rate of occupancy for rental properties
  • Lower heating and cooling costs
  • Lower noise levels
  • Positive influence on consumer attitudes
  • Lower crime rate
  • Boosts employee satisfaction
  • Increases productivity
  • Lower levels of fear and aggression
  • Plants trap and filter dust and other pollutants
  • Improved air quality

Aside from solid landscape design plans, landscaping companies serving the Mesa community, also offer lawn care and landscape maintenance.

Landscape Design and Installation Services for the Mesa Resident


Your landscape says a lot about you or your business so you can’t just take chances. Let the experts design a solid landscaping plan and implement it correctly.

It doesn't matter if you want to design and install a new landscape or transform an existing one to something amazing, your landscape professional in Mesa will partner with you to make your dream come true.

Take the first step. Request a free no-obligation quote from one of Choice Landscaping’s contractors who offer expert landscape design and installation services for the Mesa resident.

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