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Landscaping Services for New Orleans Residential and Commercial Property


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Do you always catch yourself admiring your neighbor’s landscape design with its well-manicured lawn, trees, shrubs, flowering plants and all other features?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the move now! Update your outdoor space or create an awesome one by getting in touch with landscaping companies serving New Orleans residential and commercial property owners.

The perfect landscape design for your property will provide you with endless hours of personal enjoyment and satisfaction. For businessmen, a well-structured landscape has been proven to attract customers and tenants.

In general, properties with a unique landscape design are easier to sell and cost more than those with no landscape installed.

When searching for landscaping contractors, be wary of landscaping companies who offer ridiculously low rates, which are way below industry standards. More often than not, they will just rob you of your hard-earned money and you may end up feeling duped later.

Choice Landscaping Services has made the work easy for you. We gathered all the professional and experienced local landscape service contractors for the New Orleans community.

You don’t have to go from one website to another to find the right landscaping companies to work with – they are all here in this website. You can even ask for a free no-obligations quote and start your way to your dream landscape design.

Landscaping Companies Serving the New Orleans Community


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Landscaping goes over and beyond going to the nursery and deciding which plants to buy and where to install them. It’s a comprehensive approach that takes into account a lot of factors such as:

  • The climate
  • The natural condition of the soil
  • The type of architecture of the building
  • The orientation of the site with reference to the sun
  • The goals, needs and preferences of the client
  • Budget

Landscaping companies serving the New Orleans community have the expertise for initial landscape design, installation and landscaping services to maintain your dream landscape, whether simple or complex.

In fact, nowadays, options for landscape features are staggering. You are only limited by your imagination. Some of these landscape design and installation services offered by local landscaping companies include:

  • Driveways and walkways
  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Fountains, koi ponds, spas and swimming pools
  • Rock waterfalls
  • Outdoor kitchen and barbecue
  • Gazebos
  • Landscape lighting
  • Retaining walls
  • Trees, shrubs, flowering plants

Landscape Design and Installation Services for the New Orleans Resident


Once you made your choice, sit down with your landscape design contractor and discuss your ideas. They have the knowledge and expertise to implement a solid landscape design that suits your goals and budget.

Keep in mind that your landscape is an extension of your home or office building and your lifestyle. It must be left in the hands of professional landscaping companies.

We offer a way to connect with reliable landscaping companies offering landscape design and installation services for the New Orleans resident.

Now is the time to request for your free no-obligation quote!

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