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Landscaping Services for Oakland Residential and Commercial Property

Landscaping and maintenance services we provide include:

Landscaping • Landscape Design • Landscape Installation • Drainage Systems • Irrigation Systems • Sprinkler Systems • Retaining Walls • Outdoor Fireplaces • Water Features • Ponds • Water Fountains • Paver Installation • Accent Lighting • Decks & Patios - and more! Contact us for a free landscaping quote.


How much do you value your reputation? Are you aware that the condition of your Oakland landscape speaks volumes about your personality, your home or your business?

Your property’s landscape design is the first thing that family, friends or customers see before they even enter your Oakland home or place of business. The right landscape not only creates a perfect outdoor environment for your family, employees and customers, it also adds value to your Oakland property.

A well designed and installed landscape done by a professional goes beyond making a great first impression and boosting its resale value. The quality of the finish is obviously different when landscaping companies do the job.

Other benefits of a well designed landscape include:

  • Reduction in heating and cooling costs
  • Creation of cleaner indoor air
  • Reduction in stress levels of building occupants
  • Reduction in fear and aggression
  • Provision for privacy
  • Reduction in noise and heat levels
  • Erosion control
  • Increase attraction to prospective buyers
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduction in ailments

When looking for professional landscaping companies for Oakland residential and commercial properties, do not just rely on referrals from friends and family. Here at Choice Landscaping services, we can direct you to a roster of Oakland landscape design professionals and experts in the field.

You can even request a free no-obligation quote and be on your way to having the landscape design of your dreams!

Landscaping Companies Serving the Oakland Community


A landscape professional has the expertise and the experience to create and implement a comprehensive landscape design that includes:

  • Choosing the right kind of plants and where to install them
  • Building decks, patios, and retaining walls
  • Installing waterfalls, ponds, walkways, trellises and creating the perfect drainage system

These are just a few of what landscaping companies serving the Oakland community can do for you. Only a professional can study and analyze your Oakland property’s architecture and the existing conditions of your yard.

After knowing which areas of your property are shaded and which ones are sun-drenched most of the day, he can then correctly match the plants’ needs with existing conditions. In addition, he will now be in a better position to design the right kind of drainage system for your landscape.

Landscape Design and Installation Services for the Oakland Resident


It’s true that a landscape design venture requires a substantial investment. However, the benefits far outweigh the time and money spent.

Most importantly, did you know that a nice landscape gives the Oakland resident the chance to have a 150% return-on-investment? If you spend 5% of the value of your Oakland property on your landscape, you can boost its resale value by 15%!

So, what are you waiting for? Call now and request your free no-obligation quote from Choice Landscaping Services!

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