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Landscaping Services for San Bernardino Residential and Commercial Property


Landscaping and maintenance services we provide include:

Landscaping • Landscape Design • Landscape Installation • Drainage Systems • Irrigation Systems • Sprinkler Systems • Retaining Walls • Outdoor Fireplaces • Water Features • Ponds • Water Fountains • Paver Installation • Accent Lighting • Decks & Patios - and more! Contact us for a free landscaping quote.


The landscaping surrounding your San Bernardino home or business is a direct reflection upon the property owner. Maintaining your landscape design can be a time-consuming task for busy San Bernardino residents.

Professional landscaping services that serve the San Bernardino community can take this chore off your hands. Whether you are looking for one-time clean up landscaping services or routine weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance, local landscaping companies can provide the help you need.

  • Lawn mowing and edging
  • Flower bed weeding
  • Bush, shrub and tree pruning or trimming
  • Patio, deck or walkway debris removal

Choice Landscaping Services can help you find San Bernardino landscaping companies that can provide the landscaping services you want.

Landscaping Companies Serving the San Bernardino Community


Family, friends or your San Bernardino neighbors can often provide referrals for local landscaping companies. We also provide an easy approach to locate the landscaping companies that offer just what you need for enhancing, remodeling or maintaining your entire landscape design. It’s free to request a quote, and of course there is no obligation attached.

An advantage to hiring professional landscaping companies is more than just a time saver to the San Bernardino residential or commercial property owner. Local landscaping companies are also well aware of what type drought-tolerant plants, trees and shrubs are well suited for the San Bernardino community.

San Bernardino landscaping companies can also help with:

  • Irrigation systems that water wisely and efficiently
  • Bark or other form of mulch that will help retain moisture
  • Perennials or annuals flowers for added color to your landscape design

Residents in the San Bernardino area will find that local landscaping companies can offer a variety of landscaping services that will keep your property looking great all year long.

Landscape Design and Installation Services for the San Bernardino Resident


Your landscape design can be a combination of many different elements. If you are looking to start fresh, or simply want to add some excitement to your existing landscape design, now is the time to consider all of the possibilities.

San Bernardino landscaping companies can assist with the initial landscape design as well as installation services for:

  • Outdoor living spaces like kitchens, decks and patios
  • Customized water features like fountains, ponds and natural waterfalls
  • Landscape design lighting for safety or feature illumination
  • Retaining walls and land grading
  • Paver stones for walkways and paths

Your landscape design should be unique as well as fit your everyday life style. San Bernardino landscaping companies can help you every step of the way in creating and maintaining your home and business landscaping. Request your free quote today!

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