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Provide your home seller clients with guidance on getting the most for their home.

Home Seller Landscaping Resources

Choice Landscaping Services provides landscaping and lawn resources for the do-it-yourself landscaper - and home seller.  As an agent, you know how important "curb appeal" is and yet so many times your client may not realize how valuable it is in getting the most for their home.  In today's tough economy, it's sometimes hard to just get your clients to mow their yard, pull the weeds, and sweep the driveway!  Most homeowners that need to sell, especially those under water, are interested in doing only cheap and easy fixes.

Agents know that the landscaping surrounding your home is the first thing prospective buyers see, when they browse homes for sale online and when they drive by or stop in for an open house or a private showing. Make this first impression favorable by making sure to do the five landscaping essentials before your home hits the market.

Give the Landscaping Top 5 Guide to Your Home Seller Clients

We've just created a fantastic home seller and real estate agent landscaping resource guide called the "Top 5 Landscaping "to-dos" for Home Sellers in Today's Tough Market."  We've packed it full of terrific ideas that range from easy fixes and ideas to much more involved and complex.  No matter how much money or time your home seller has, they are sure to find some practical and money making ideas. 

Get Professional Help for a Quick Return

For some home sellers, the answer may be to hire a landscaping contractor to do the work for them.  Turnaround time can be much faster, and depending on the landscaping work to be done and the size of the lawn, it might not be that expensive either.  We offer landscaping and lawn quotes to fit every situation nationwide.  Encourage your home sellers to review the "Top 5 Landscaping "to-dos" for Home Sellers in Today's Tough Market" and then request free, no obligation quotes from our nationwide landscaping contractor partners. 

Where to Start

First, link to us on your website and provide high quality do-it-yourself landscaping content directly to your clients.  If they need help, we also offer free no obligation quotes from pre-selected local landscaping contractors.

Second, decide how to use our content to build better relationships with your existing clients and/or new clients.  Link to it in emails, on your website, or even as part of your new client packet.  Review the ideas at the bottom of this page.

Third, Encourage all of your new clients to download our Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers Checklist and discuss the landscaping review with them.  Have them submit quote requests for anything that they need done to determine whether it's better to go the do-it-yourself route or to hire a professional landscaping contractor.

Link To Us offers home sellers great do-it-yourself landscaping tips and ideas, as well as access to a professional network of local landscaping contractors, who can help get the job done, and their home ready for sale.

We're thrilled when like-minded real estate agents want to share these landscaping tips with their clients on their website or blog, so we've provided a variety of ways for you to link to

Text Links

The easiest way to add a link to your website is to simply copy and paste the html code below.  Just click in the box and the code will highlight.  Then, simply copy and paste the code to your website or blog.  Feel free to change the link description or URL to suit your needs.

Landscaping Ideas for Home Sellers

Landscaping and Lawn Ideas for Home Sellers

Find Landscaping Contractors

Top 5 Landscaping to-dos for Home Sellers in Today's Tough Market

Top 5 Landscaping to-dos for Home Sellers

Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers

Lawn Ideas and Resources

Landscaping Ideas and Resources

Get Free Landscaping Quotes from Pre-Selected Contractors

Linking to a Specific Page or Article

Of course, if you find a specific page or article interesting and want to send your clients directly to it, you can easily do that.

Find the page or section on the site and simply copy the URL.  Then, create the link html code by replacing the contents between the " " with the URL (just copy and paste from your browser) and change the comment to be appropriate for the page or article you are linking to (can be anything appropriate that describes the content).

For example, if you want to link to the page  You would create the html code like this.  Simply replace the URL with the one you want to use and replace the text "Find Landscaping Contractors" with your own description of the link.

Linking and Sharing Ideas

Feel free to share any of the content on our site with your clients by linking directly to it.  We hope that we can help your clients see how important curb appeal and landscaping is to the sale of their home.  Here are some quick ideas on how to share this wonderful and motivating content with your clients.

  1. Include it in the seller resources section of your site.  Encourage all of your clients to request landscaping quotes for any work that you or they think is necessary.
  2. Send links in your emails to clients.
  3. Share as resource links in a blog you do about landscaping for home sellers.
  4. Include our site in your own paper or online checklists.
  5. Use the social sharing toolbar on each article to share specific content with your social and business networks on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and others.  It's easy to add a comment or your idea along with the share so you can personalize it.  The more relevant content you find and share on your social networks, the more influential you become!
  6. Encourage all of your new home seller clients to get quotes for any landscaping services they might need.  There is no obligation to go with any of the contractors that respond.  However, in many cases, it might be less expensive and less time consuming than doing it yourself.

 ...And the list goes on, and is only limited by your imagination and care for your clients.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to discuss more in depth collaboration options. 

A note about copying:  We offer you the ability to link directly to our site to share and promote this content to help you build better relationships with your clients and help them get the most money for their home.  However, please do not copy it directly and post on your site or in any other media without a link back to the original source on our site.  We use Copy Scape to monitor for unauthorized copying.

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