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Landscaping Services for St. Petersburg Residential and Commercial Property


Wish to transform the bare yard on your commercial or residential property in St. Petersburg into a breathtakingly beautiful patch of nature? You need professional landscaping services.

An imaginative landscape design and its flawless construction can give you a private paradise to relax in after a long and tiring day in St. Petersburg.

A well-manicured lawn with spectacular landscape design accent lighting, water features, and walkways sounds great, but putting it all up and sustaining it is not a child’s play. It is best to have the services of one of the professional St. Petersburg landscaping companies.

Choice Landscaping Services can help you find the local St. Petersburg landscaping companies to:

  • Create a unique landscaping design
  • Prepare the right soil quality and choose the best plants for local climate
  • Install a proper drainage or irrigation system
  • Supplement flora & fauna with aesthetic elements like fountains and ponds
  • Maintain the entire landscape design at regular intervals

Landscaping Companies Serving the St. Petersburg Community


Your St. Petersburg landscape design project is not a one-time job that you can get done and be over with. It calls for regular maintenance and care. That is why people hire professional landscaping companies to handle the problems that may arise from time to time.

  • Overgrowth of lawn grass, shrubs and trees
  • Fall leaves, dead flowers and other debris
  • Pest infestations
  • Drainage or water-related issues
  • Foundation problems
  • Lighting malfunctioning

If you want fast and reliable information on St. Petersburg landscape design maintenance experts to hire, you should come to us. We put you in touch with the landscaping companies serving the community, get you their free estimates and assist you in making a good choice.

Landscape Design and Installation Services for the St. Petersburg Resident


Professional St. Petersburg landscaping companies are aware that your landscape design ideas are unique and call for customized landscaping. We go all out to help you meet knowledgeable and experienced St. Petersburg landscaping companies that can help narrow your focus into a well-structured landscape design that sustains for years to come.

Some components that the professional landscaping companies may use to add character to your outdoor living spaces include:

  • Sprinkler system installation
  • Water fountain installation
  • Bridges and statues
  • Accent lighting installation
  • Trellis installation

Whether you need a St. Petersburg landscaping professional to work on your new construction or need an expert to care for the existing landscape design, we has the perfect solution for it all.

If you are passionate about having a matchless St. Petersburg landscape design on your property, call Choice Landscaping Services at 855-805-8747 or take the time now to request your free quote.

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