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Landscaping Services for Wichita Residential and Commercial Property


Landscaping in the Wichita area involves anything that exists around the home’s exterior. It can include lawn or garden areas, as well as landscape design features like fountains, ponds or even rock gardens.

Your landscape design can also include outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks or outdoor kitchens.

Most Wichita residents understand that a unique and well-maintained landscape design can increase the value of the property. But even if you are not considering selling your home, keeping your landscaping in proper and manicured condition will enhance your day-to-day living.

Although many Wichita homeowners would like to take on the task of maintaining their landscaping, there may not be enough hours in the day to do so. This is where local Wichita landscaping companies can come to your rescue!

Landscaping Companies Serving the Wichita Community


There are various ways to locate great landscaping companies that can help you with a new landscape design or regular landscaping services to maintain your existing lawn and garden.

  • Ask for referrals from family and your Wichita neighbors
  • Search the internet for landscaping companies for your area
  • Contact local nurseries for recommendations
  • Request your free quote right from this website!

That’s right! We offer the busy Wichita resident a way to quickly and easily find local landscaping companies that will provide the landscaping services you need.

From lawn care to an entire makeover of your existing landscape design, we can assist you in finding the right landscaping companies that can provide just what you need.

Most local Wichita landscaping companies provide a variety of landscaping services:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly lawn care
  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Flower bed weeding
  • Bush or shrub maintenance
  • Edging and debris removal

Landscape Design and Installation Services for the Wichita Resident


Because of the drought conditions that Wichita homeowners face, your landscape design should incorporate drought-tolerant plants.

Professional landscaping companies in the Wichita area can help you find the best ground covers, shrubs, vines, evergreens and colorful perennials that will keep your water bill acceptable.

Here are a few suggestions that you can do to keep your landscape design healthy as well.

  • Water efficiently – use drip watering systems for flower beds
  • Water less often – water deeply instead
  • Use mulch around your plants to help retain moisture
  • Use compost to keep the soil aerated

Keeping your Wichita landscaping healthy and attractive is the goal. Local landscaping companies can help you achieve this. Take the first step and request your free, no-obligation quote today!

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