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Lawn Mowing Services Tempe * Mowing Services for Tempe Residents

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Lawn mowing and maintenance services we provide include: Lawn mowing • Edging • Fertilizing • Aerating • Thatching • New Sod • Lawn Seeding • Reseeding • Moss Killing • Weed Control • Yard Maintenance Plans - and more! Contact us for a free lawn quote.



A beautiful lawn in tip-top shape is an asset in a Sonoran Desert region like Tempe. The lawn adds value to your property and it is the first impression that visitors or prospective property buyers get about you and your individual style.

Therefore, it needs proper attention and good care. It is difficult to maintain your Tempe lawn if you don't commit your time and energy to it. Consider hiring a lawn mowing company to help you out with lawn mowing services to fit your needs.

The seasons are reversed in Tempe. It is advised that you plant in the fall, enjoy the winter, harvest in the spring and go indoors for the summer. It is quite hot in the summer and the soil is different because it is desert soil. Special care is needed for the Tempe lawns because of the climate.

Hiring a provider of lawn mowing services to maintain your lawn and take care of your plants is a great decision. A lawn mowing company can provide the lawn mowing services you need and free up your time for other activities.

Lawn Mowing Company Tempe for Complete Lawn Care


When you are considering lawn mowing services, you need to decide what specific services you are looking for. Many lawn mowing service providers in Tempe will offer additional services along with the basic mowing service.

Your lawn mowing contractor may also include services like:

  • Edging lawn or other beds
  • Trimming hedges or bushes
  • Weeding surrounding beds
  • Installing sprinkler systems
  • Fertilizing lawn

When you have decided on the services of a professional lawn mowing company, it will be practical to enter into a written contract rather than verbally agreeing to the terms and conditions. This can protect you and the lawn mowing company.

The contract should include the particulars of the lawn mowing service options, duration and schedule of work, limitations of warranties, providers and overall cost.

Lawn Mowing Tempe Options for Home and Commercial


Lawn mowing services for Tempe homes or commercial properties can give you the peace of mind that your lawn will be green and lush throughout the growing season.

Having a mowing service on a routine basis is the easiest way to maintain the health and appearance of your lawn.

You can learn more about the cost of selecting a lawn mowing service with a secure, free and no-obligation quote from a pre-screened lawn mowing company in Tempe from this site.

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