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Assuming you have the appropriate grass type for your property’s lawn in Huntington, one thing remains - proper maintenance spells the difference between success and failure of your lawn.

Among all grass care practices, lawn mowing is the most basic, most frequent and most time-consuming. In Huntington, there are a number of professional lawn mowing services contractors, who will ensure that your lawn is lush and healthy – a definite value-adding feature of any property.

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For residents of Huntington, you can choose to do the mowing yourself, assuming that you have the time and energy to do the job, or hire a lawn mowing services contractor.

But mowing is a science in itself because you have a lot of things to consider.

Remember, the major reason for employing lawn mowing services in Huntington is because improper mowing may cause problems such as shallow roots and weeds, making the grass susceptible to drought.

Most lawn mowing services contractors agree on the following tips for Huntington lawns:

  • Sharpen blades twice a year
  • Mow only dry turf
  • Clumps or excessive amounts of clippings should be bagged
  • During peak growth of grass, mow once every 4 to 5 days and on other days, mow every 8 to 10 days
  • Use of the one-third rule, which states that not more than a third of the grass blade’s height should be mowed
  • Mow at 3 or 4 different angles on successive lawn mowing to avoid concentration of wear and compaction

Speaking of grass clippings, they improve lawn quality instead of spreading diseases. In fact, it is highly recommended that clippings following mowing should not be bagged and allowed to decay on the lawn since this natural process releases important nutrients that greatly improve the quality of the Huntington soil and make the turf more resistant to drought.

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Basically, there are two major types of lawn mowers used by residents or lawn mowing service providers – reel and rotary mowers.

If you are concerned about cost, reel mowers are the more expensive type and are usually the ones used by lawn mowing services contractors since they cannot be adjusted easily and the blades are only sharpened using specialized equipment.

However, reel mowers offer the best quality of cut. In general, rotary mowers are commonly used for home lawns.

If you are in the market for lawn mowing services in Huntington, you can save yourself time by requesting a quote today! Your quote will be based on the individual lawn mowing service needs of your Huntington home or business.

Save time on your Huntington lawn mowing company search by getting a free lawn mowing quote now and have local lawn mowing companies give you their best deal!

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