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Landscaping and Lawn Service Communities

landscping usda plant hardiness zone map

Here you'll find lots of great landscaping and lawn articles and information specific to certain cities and regions in the United States.  

Your landscaping and lawn service requirements can include flowers, plants and gardens, trees, lawns, professional landscaping services, or the do-it-yourself list.  All forms of landscaping whether flower and garden beds, flowing green lawns, or shrubs or trees, will depend upon your general landscaping community and the respective hardiness zone for that location.  

All of these main areas can be broken down into 5 main categories:  Where, What, Why, When and How.  Where you are located will help you determine what plants, trees, shrubs, or lawn will be best suited for your growing environment.  Why you have chosen to landscape your yard will depend upon what you are trying to achieve.  When you put your project into motion will depend upon factors such as weather, growing seasons, and water requirements to name a few.  How you want to start will help you define whether you want the do-it-yourself approach or seek a professional landscaping service. 

Where Your Lawn and Landscaping is Located

The first thing to consider when choosing the best plants, shrubs and trees, or lawn is the U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone.  It is the standard map used and can be found in local nurseries, garden shops or online.  A professional landscaping service would also be able to assist you in choosing the appropriate landscaping materials for your location.  The zones are based upon the average winter low temperatures but the average summer high temperatures should also be taken into consideration.  This is a great place to start, however other factors will need to be taken into consideration as well.  For instance, higher than normal precipitation if you are located in coastal towns, soil type, and the presence of wildlife, can also influence your growing success.

What Lawn and Plants to Choose

The success of your landscaping projects can depend upon choosing the right plants for your landscaping community.  The climate and soil condition are main factors when deciding your main landscaping theme.  Even grasses can vary drastically; for example, the Celebration Bermuda grass is a first choice in Arizona, while a tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass is preferred in Virginia.  The best advice is to check with your local nursery for their recommendations or contact a professional landscaping service to keep you on the right track for success.

Why Are You Landscaping

Once you determine your appropriate growing zone as well as what type of plants, shrubs or lawn grass you would like, don’t forget to consider how they will fit into your overall landscaping needs.  If you want to create a playground for children, you may want to choose a hardy grass with low maintenance.  If you are creating an outdoor living space, you may want to choose climbing vines with fragrant flowers, or potted flowers placed in colorful pots.  For landscaping around a pool, watch out for trees or shrubs that will have excessive leaf or flower droppings.  

When Are You Landscaping Your Lawn

Be sure to consult with a professional landscaping service or a garden shop or nursery in your area on when is the best time to plant flowers, trees, shrubs  or sow grass or lay lawn sod for your area.  Planting seasons vary greatly depending upon your location.  While March may be considered spring in Arizona, if you plant before the first of May in Washington you may still encounter a frost.

How Are You Going to Landscape

While there are many wonderful websites for the weekend do-it-yourself landscaping and lawn projects, if you are under time constraints, like updating your landscaping before you put your home on the market to sell, or your knowledge or experience leaves you feeling frustrated, a good alternative is to contact a professional landscaping contractor.  Of course, there are budget considerations that may help you decide which direction you want to take.  Many landscaping services offer free quotes and you might be surprised that it may not only be easier, but also more successful!

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