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altChoose The Right Landscaping Contractor

A good lawn depicts the value of a property. Being the most important part of a house’s landscape, it is crucial to have your lawns well taken care of and well maintained. Thus, it is also equally important to carefully assess potential lawn service contractors for your homes and properties.

Landscaping service contractors come in different kinds. Choosing one that perfectly suits your needs can sometimes be tricky and daunting. Some contractors may simply offer lawn mowing while others provide a variety of landscaping services. Of course, you cannot just randomly choose from the Yellow Pages because with it, you’ll actually have no guarantee of the contractor’s service quality. So the question now becomes “How do I find the right lawn service contractor for me?” 

How to get started

Before you decide on seeking professional landscaping care assistance, there are also a few things to keep in mind. Here, is a simple guide to help you get started.

  • Know what you want -  know what you need

You need to have a clear picture of the lawn care service that you want. There are various landscaping care services available and in order to select a contactor that suits you, you must first figure out the services that you need for your lawn and landscape.

In addition, landscape care maintenance could be an all-encompassing job. It could cover just your lawn or include your entire landscape. However, before choosing your landscaping services contractor, you must be able to decide whether to hire them for the entire maintenance service or if not, then define clearly the scope of the landscaping service they are to render.

  • Identify the condition of your lawn

You also need to consider your lawn condition. See whether it requires a lot of attention and effort to get it in good condition.  In some cases, landscaping service contractors provide a discount for continuous maintenance. Usually, they offer a bid for general lawn care services and many times offer a discount for maintenance thereafter.

  • Budget

Identify your budget before you look into the various services available.  Rate and charges vary from contractor to contractor and services respectively. So, you must know what you can and cannot afford. This way, you’ll get to filter out contractors and easily narrow your search.

Things to consider

There are important points to consider in choosing your landscaping contractor. This will not only ensure quality results but will also guarantee a good working relationship between you and your lawn care service provider.

  • Industrial skills

It is of utmost importance that your landscaping contractor holds an in-depth technical knowledge of the lawn and landscaping industry. The following are some of the areas of expertise that any lawn or landscaping contractor should be familiar with:

- Plants and Turfgrass

- Soil

- Insect and disease problems

- Fertilizers

- Lawn caring techniques

- Environmental laws

  • Business ethics and references

Select landscaping and lawn contractors that have good business management and service feedback. Generally, service providers with decent business practices ensure quality and ethical service relationships.  Also, choose those that have proven track record. You may talk to previous clients and ask for customer references before closing a deal.  Your friends and family can be a great source of referrals as well.

  • Supplies and equipment

In rendering quality work, availability and adequacy of equipment will always be a prime factor. Your landscaping or lawn contractor must always have the necessary and appropriate equipment to deliver the service. They must possess the right tools for the job. Furthermore, the appearance of their equipment may reflect their working personality --- is it well maintained and well kept?

  • Natural and organic gardening

If you are a lawn owner that prefers to use natural lawn care methods, then it is important to first check the background and experience of your potential landscaping or lawn contractor when it comes to organic gardening. Not all landscaping and lawn contractors are well knowledgeable of organic landscaping and the quality or methods they use may vary widely. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly assess whether or not the methods they use meet your requirements.

Other concerns

Now, you already have the general idea on what to expect from a potential lawn care service contractor. Here are a few details to ensure that you’re not only getting the best services but also building a good social and working relationship with your contractor.

  • Fees and charges

Most contractors do not have a fixed outline of charges for a project. It is because of the variables involved in job quoting such as lawn area, location, etc. Therefore, ask your potential contractor for a quote based on your needs and specs. This should be detailed enough for you to have a clear idea of what you are paying for. The quote should also specify the timeframe it covers. This is important to avoid any issues and misunderstandings between you and your contractor.

  • Insurance policy

It is also wise to check whether your contractor has an insurance policy. You might end up being liable for any accident or injury that might occur while your contractor is in service. Ask for an original copy of insurance certificate directly from their insurance company.

  • Business license

Having a business license does not in particular, determine how qualified a contractor is. However, it's a good idea to be aware of whether the lawn service contractor is recognized by the local government or not.

  • Trust and security

Your chosen landscaping or lawn contractor will have access to your property. Make sure that they can be trusted. Although it may only be exterior access, they will still become aware of your daily routines, your surroundings, and your security measures when you’re away or at home.

  • Working relationship

To some, this isn’t even a concern. However, working relationships create significant effect to both parties personally and professionally. There are home owners that often feel the need of supervising and managing workers throughout the project. It is better, therefore, to work with people that you are comfortable with and whom you have a good relationship. But rather than meddling over your contractor’s work, express your expectations before the work begins. A good contractor will ask for clarifications, specifications and work expectations in order to deliver the project efficiently and to your satisfaction.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a landscaping or lawn care service contractor. Just bear in mind that it will always be a good idea to take some time to research the above items to ensure that your hire is a good one.

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