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Landscaping Ideas and Resources

landscaped pool lawnPool Landscaping Ideas

Pools are definitely an extravagant asset that promotes a house’s value. To some even, a swimming pool is considered a “must-have” section in their yard. But a pool alone can be stark and boring.  It needs to be enhanced by incorporating creative landscape ideas.



Looking for pool landscaping ideas or services?  Look no further.  Here are some great tips and ideas.  You can also talk to a professional pool landscaper in your area by requesting it here.  No obligation to buy or use their services.

And so, to further boost its appeal, one might consider having the services of a landscaping company.

Setting the atmosphere and environment and pool landscaping ideas

A swimming pool is not just a place a swim. It can be a venue for social interaction, relaxation or even exercise. Before one tries to come up with landscaping ideas, he first needs to identify what purpose his pool primarily serves, and then conceptualize the layout based on that. It is important to maintain a consistent atmosphere with the environment to build a lasting and comforting impression in your yard.  The following are the three major objectives that one needs to attain when landscaping a pool:

expensive pool landscaping

  • Enhance general appearance

The main purpose for acquiring pool landscaping services is to raise its appearance. There are actually countless of options to choose and incorporate such as flowers, trees, shrubs. Your landscaping company may help you with your choices.

  • Maintain privacy

It is important to build a sense of privacy and comfort in your pool. It is hard to relax when you do not feel secure. The addition of fences, trees and other structures may help increase a sense of comfort and security.

  • Provide shade

It is natural to spend long hours in the pool to unwind, therefore providing a shelter from the sun is important.  This is most often accomplished with the use of umbrellas or other out buildings.  Be cautious of using plants or trees as the leaves from them can make it more difficult to keep your pool clean.

Factors in landscaping a pool

Every pool owner has a desired landscaping design that you wish to achieve. However, regardless of
what the design may be, there are still a few considerations that you must keep in mind as you build up plans for the pool. Consider the following:landscaping-pool-ideas

  • Shedding plants

Obviously, you might not want to keep cleaning up the pool from all the mess caused by plants and vegetation. While it is natural for plants and trees to drop leaves and petals, there are those that fall off more than others. So when you design your landscape, you might consider using other plant alternatives. Take some time to research or consult your landscaping company for suggestions. But if you insist on using them out of preference, then you may desire to place them a little further from your pool.

  • Green plants

Not the algae. These are those plants that stay green most of the time, if not all year round. There are instances when your pool becomes too cold for you to take a dip. During these times, your pool
pool-landscaping-ideaswould only serve as a landscape asset. So, you might try to integrate these green plants into your yard. Evergreen shrubs would best suit the criteria and are usually used as hedges when landscaping. Typical examples are acuba, boxwood, and eleagnus. Choose those that are best suited for your climate.

Insect-attracting plants

It is natural for plants, especially the flowering ones to attract insects and bugs, particularly bees. These insects help in pollination and plant reproduction, which of course is essential in the ecosystem. However, you probably might not want to have them flying and buzzing over your pool most of the time. Therefore, as you design, invest some time in researching plant and insect factors. You may also consult your landscaping company for professional advice. It is important to carefully choose your plants in order to avoid further inconveniences.

Pool types and pool landscaping ideas

This is another crucial consideration in landscaping pools. Pool levels greatly affect the placement of pool-landscaping-contractorsyou plants and ornaments. Above-ground pools for instance, lessen your options with regards to the placement of trees and plants. Many choose to build elevated plant beds using hanging pots and/or planters.

On the contrary, in-ground pools could offer you wider landscaping options because the edge is level with the ground. You can then easily utilize the remaining area for landscaping and design.

It is only natural to have dilemmas when landscaping our pools. We all want to achieve and implement the best design possible, of course within our budget range. But the key to successful landscaping is to harmonize each and every element with one another. From trees, to ornaments to pool level and shape, to location, and up until the desired feel- everything needs to be well-considered. With your creative ideas and with the professional help of your landscaping company, you’ll get your dream pool in no time.


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