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flower garden walkwayTop 5 Landscaping Services to Add Value to Your Home

The question home sellers often ask is “How can I increase the buyers’ interest in my property?” The answer, according to Walt McDonald, president of National Association of Realtors is, “Fix up your landscaping”. That is the essence of landscaping services.

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Homeowners can attract more buyers and get faster results when they set out to sell their well-landscaped property.The fact is; when you spend 5 percent of the value of your property on great landscaping, you can get nearly 150 percent of the money back! These numbers are even higher depending on your location. A study conducted by University of Michigan states that, on an average, consumers value landscaped homes nearly 11 percent higher than its base price. Apart from such economic benefits, beautiful landscaping can provide you with a “backyard oasis”- a definite ‘go to’ place at the end of the day when you simply want to unwind, relax and de-stress.

Experienced landscaping contractors can utilize a balance of construction as well as plant materials to increase the value of your property. There are other benefits of landscaping too, which include environmental, aesthetic, and health benefits. Well-landscaped lawns can become a haven for children to play and for grownups to have parties and get-togethers. Local governments are supporting landscaping to encourage native birds and vegatation in the area.

Typical landscaping services list includes:

  • Well designed paved surfaces, fences, overhead structures, edging materials and walls
  • Lawn maintenance, fertilization and aeration
  • Plants and trees and their maintenance
  • Installation of yard ponds and pond liners
  • Landscape lighting
  • Tree and shrub removal

While there are several landscaping services, surveys has shown that the following 5 are the most beneficial in increasing the value of your home.

Top five landscaping services

#1 - Lawn care and maintenance

There is no greater financial significance that affects your home's value as proper lawn care and maintenance. A research conducted at Clemson University has shown that well-maintained lawns and homes with excellent curb appeal fetched a price nearly 7 percent higher than lawns with average ratings. Nearly 82 percent of home buyers refused to look at the home's interior due to poor or unmaintained lawns. There are simple things that you can do (and these are not even expensive) to maintain your lawns.

  • Mow the lawn to correct height
  • Fertilize the lawn well, using mulch
  • Water it regularly
  • Make use of the late summer and early fall landscaping discounts offered by most landscaping service providers.

#2 - Permeable paving surfaces

When you go in for permeable paving you are essentially allowing the rainwater and melted snow to seep back into the earth in its pure form. This is an essential feature to consider along driveways as these areas have oil and other pollutants which can be filtered by the use of permeable surfaces. Crushed gravel is a popular as well as an inexpensive choice.

Some landscaping contractors use pea gravel which consist of small stones in muted colors that looks attractive and elegant and can enhance the property value multiple folds. Open celled pavers, which are grids of high density plastic or concrete blocks, can be planted with grass to create a permeable, environmental friendly surface which can blend seamless into the surrounding landscape. Such surfaces can easily handle cars because of the use of sturdy turf grass.

The main benefit of the permeable paving surfaces is that your home’s value increases; this is due to lowered risk of flooding in snow storms, reduced ice buildup and reduced need to shovel snow in winters.

#3 - Pools and ponds

A water feature in your yard can be a real delight. Running water has several therapeutic benefits and contrary to the common belief, does not require too much space. A pond can take little space and can also provide a place for displaying beautiful aquatic plants. Landscaping companies can give you a pool or a pond in a sheltered spot with filtered lighting to create an individual gardening feature along with rocks and specialized planting. Spas and hot tubs are also a popular choice and an attractive addition to a patio or an enclosed deck, not to mention the potential health benefits you get. You can choose to add leafy hanging plants to obtain the necessary privacy making it a wonderful place to escape the daily routine each day! Backyard landscape can also be fitted with in-ground or above-ground pools; innovations in this area have made the pools smaller and you also get them in decorative shapes.

Ponds and pools, when done well, provide tranquility to a backyard. The use of such water bodies can also heighten the colors of the plants and flowers that you choose. Research conducted by National Association of Realtors has shown that in-ground pools and spas can increase the value of a home by 8 percent! This means that the average increase in re-sale value of a single dwelling home is approximately $30,000, depending on the location you are living in.

#4 - Landscape lighting

Landscape lighting provides you with multiple benefits

  • Beautification - A garden’s focal point and its textures can be highlighted with the use of effective landscape lighting.
  • Safety and security - Abrupt changes in elevation, steps, bushes, irregularities in paving become more visible with landscape lighting. Outdoor parties held in the evening, especially, require such features to provide safe passage to guests. Apart from this, landscape lighting also is known to deter intruders.
  • Value - Properly done landscape lighting can bring your ‘property to life’ and impress potential buyers.

Today there are many options available in landscape lighting like accent lights, underwater lights, in-ground lights, step and brick lights to name a few.

#5 - Tree and shrub maintenance

Typical maintenance tasks include:

  • Pruning and fertilization of trees
  • Emergency tree removals
  • Insect and mite control

All these are important aspects of landscaping and are often overlooked. Caring for trees and shrubs is an important part of landscaping. The professional services offered by arborists can help you create an outdoor environment that is not only beautiful and healthy but also safe. Trees and shrubs can screen views, reduce noise pollution and mitigate strong winds. They can provide you privacy and serve as effective barriers. They can contribute texture, color and fragrance to your landscape and attract native birds. Trees can provide you with economic benefits too; when placed appropriately, they can provide you with shade and increasing the air conditioning efficiency by 10 percent.

As can be seen, there are several benefits of landscaping services including aesthetic, recreational, health, environmental and economic. Professionally landscaped yards, gardens, and beds means that you get to enjoy their beauty as well as the assurance that your house is worth more than it was before.

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