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Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers

The landscaping surrounding your home is the first thing prospective buyers see, when they browse homes for sale online and when they drive by or stop in for an open house or private showing. Make this first impression favorable by making sure to do the following five landscaping essentials before your home hits the market.

There is no greater financial significance that affects your home's value as proper lawn care and maintenance. A research conducted at Clemson University has shown that well-maintained lawns and homes with excellent curb appeal fetched a price nearly 7 percent higher than lawns with average ratings. Nearly 82 percent of home buyers refused to look at the home's interior due to poor or unmaintained lawns. There are simple things that you can do (and these are not even expensive) to maintain your lawns.

Where to Start

First, download our Top 5 Home Seller Landscaping Checklist and then review each of the articles below.  

Second, simply request landscaping quotes for each area that you need taken care of.  Remember, there is no obligation and it's completely free.  You might be surprised how quick and inexpensive it can be to get your landscaping and lawn in shape before you list your home for sale.  

Third, take a look at our library of home seller landscaping do-it-yourself articles and videos for easy (and some not so easy) tips on getting more for your home by maximizing your landscaping.

get a landscaping quote

#1 - Focus on Foundation

Step back and really look at the foundation of the home, including both the physical foundation and the plantings and landscaping materials. Clean and repair any physical structures, including windows. Assess the plantings. If too shaggy and overgrown, wade in with the clippers or consider removal of unattractive specimens. If too sparse, strategically add plants, shrubs or bushes that compliment existing plantings. A few lushly planted large pots can help, and the mulch should be fresh.

#2 - Engaging Entrance

Prospective buyers need their eyes drawn to the door in an attractive and coordinated way. The walkway should be assessed, right from the curb or driveway. Serious surface such as cracks, holes or missing tiles or bricks need competent replacement or repair. Plantings or grass adjacent to the walkway must be neat and complete. Add or trim as necessary. The doorway itself must be inviting. Around the door, add some large pots of annuals, colorful or subtle, in keeping with the style of the home. 

#3 - Luxurious Lawn and Beautiful Borders

Any grassy areas of the yard should be free of bare spots or weeds. Seed, patch or lay sod as necessary. Trimming and mowing must be done consistently. Any flower or vegetable gardens planted for the showing season also need to be planned for overall attractiveness, and must be weed free and well-tended. Vegetables and herbs can enhance and add beauty, but this season's cultivars need to be compact and obedient, not sprawling.

#4 - Spruce Up the Special Effects

If water features or specialized gardens are included in the landscape, make sure they work properly and blend easily into the the rest of the yard. Consider the overall effect of such unusual landscape ingredients. Special features should not overwhelm and concern possible buyers; they should delight and excite the imagination with possibilities.

#5 - Outdoor Living Areas

Patios, steps and decks can be very attractive to buyers, but only if they are well planned and maintained. Check the condition of the materials used, and replace and repair as necessary. Walls, arbors and vertical landscaping features like fences and trellises need to be rust free, freshly painted or stained and intact. Make a decision on stone and brickwork -- either plan fragrant foot level plantings, like creeping thyme, or clean out the joints and crevices. Wash and seal wooden decks, and make sure they surround interested purchasers with beauty. Treat them as an extension of the living areas of the home, arranging well-cared for furniture in cozy groupings and creating an al fresco cooking area.

IT'S FREE - We do not charge you to submit landscaping requests through our web site.

NO OBLIGATION - You are not required to hire anyone that responds to your request.

PRIVACY - We only use your information to match you with local landscaping contractors in your area.

outdoor living spaceImproving Your Outdoor Living Areas

The benefits of landscaping can never be overemphasized. Landscaping completes any home with its primary role of improving the livability and enjoyment of indoor and outdoor living spaces. If you are putting your home up for sale, take a good look at the state of your outdoor living areas and decide if they need improvement.

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landscaping home entranceCreate an Engaging Home Entrance

The actual entrance to your home combined with the foundation landscaping becomes the first impression of any prospective buyer.  For any home-sellers, creating a good first impression of the property could make a huge difference.

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green lawn and flower border landscapingSpruce Up the Special Effects Landscaping

Do you have unique items in your landscaping that need to be looked at?  Do you have decorations that no longer “shine” like when they were new?  Do you have house numbers that are faded and hard to read? How about the prized rock garden that is now missing half of the rocks?

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landscaping home curb appealFocus on the Landscaping Foundation of Your Home

Remember the adage “First impressions last”? Well it may be a bit worn-out but it still is the best when trying to sell your home. 

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green lawn and flower border landscapingLuxurious Lawn and Beautiful Borders

Beautiful lawns and exquisite landscape could enhance one’s property. For home-sellers, this is definitely an asset.But as we all know, achieving the desired landscape beauty is not at all easy. 

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