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Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers

landscaping home entranceCreate an Engaging Home Entrance

The actual entrance to your home combined with the foundation landscaping becomes the first impression of any prospective buyer.  For any home-sellers, creating a good first impression of the property could make a huge difference.

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Therefore, you need to have it organized in an attractive and coordinated way. 

Before getting into complex designing, let us not forget the basics. These suggestions are intended to be easy to do, not overly time consuming, and at a minimal cost.

Basic Tips

  • Keep your entrance clean

That says it all. Any prospective homebuyers would lose their interest upon seeing a dirty, messy entrance. Keeping the property clean is essential. Keep it free from trash and litter and trash cans should be well kept and hidden.

  • Weed off cracked cement drives

It is only natural for weeds to grow almost anywhere in the lawn. They grow throughout the garden, the yard and the flowerbeds. They also grow on cracked sidewalks, patios and concretes. These weeds make your patio and driveways look unsightly. Worse, they can create larger cracks into your concrete as soil accumulates and as their roots grow deeper. When ignored, they would not only continue to become eyesores but constitute to further structural damages.  Pay close attention to any driveways, walkways or patios that lead to your main entrance.

It is best to address this need and get rid of them as soon as possible. Weeds, especially those that grow on cracked surfaces and cements are protected by the concrete. It is not enough to simply pull them off. There are commercial and organic weed killers available to help solve this problem. But it is always best to get rid of them early before they even grow deep and ingrained.

  • Wind up hoses on reel

Don’t leave hoses lying on the ground tangled. This is very unsightly. Coil it up neatly on a designated place, not only to give your front yard an orderly look, but also to lessen risks of tripping injuries for you and your prospective buyer.

  • Have lights in proper order

It is not mandatory to have elegant lights lighting up your entrances and yards. What’s important is that they are working well and in proper order. Working lights greet visitors with warmth and add a sense of security. Whether a pair of lamp posts or an array on the walkway; working lights adds up to your overall curb appeal of your entrance and a feeling of safety in your home.

  • Welcome sign at the door

Some people might not find adding a welcome sign crucial; however, if one wants to attract guests and prospective homebuyers, this idea could help. Welcome signs create a welcoming environment and a warm impression. They add to curb enthusiasm and create a sense of value to the property. 

  • Trim shrubs and trees

Don’t let your entrance and walkways get obstructed by trees and shrubs. Trim off overlapping branches to keep a “light and free” feel on your walkways and driveways. Furthermore, proper trimming stimulates plant growth. This would help in achieving healthy foliage growth in your yard.

  • Flowers

It is also a good thing to add fresh pots of colorful flowers next to your front door, along the walkway or on an adjacent porch or patio. You might also want to install potted or hanging plants on each side of your door if the space allows.

  • Porch lights

Adding porch lights constitute to the outward ambiance of your property. It creates a feeling of security, warmth and safety. There are various porch light designs available that could fit any house architecture. Install high wattage bulbs to make the area brighter. If you have already installed old porch lights, keep them nice by cleaning and repainting. Replace old lights if necessary.

  • Clean doormat

Do not forget to put out a new and clean doormat. Most people miss this part. No matter how elegant or attractive your lawns and landscapes are, if you display dirty doormats outside your doors, the beauty fades. Do not forget that cleanliness is vital in making the entrance inviting and a nice doormat translates to “welcome guests, please come visit my home”.

Moderate Tips

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, here are some other tips to enhance your entrance which are also fairly easy to do.

  • Wash cement surfaces

Cements and concretes get dirty very easily. If possible, pressure wash your driveways and walkways to get rid of molds, loose paints, mud, dust and dirt. Although pressure washing is a powerful cleaning tool, you need to use it properly to achieve best results. Consider the following:

  • Choose pressure washers of at least 3000 psi and a flow rate of at least 4gals/min.
  • It is better to use a rotary nozzle rather than the standard fan nozzle as it allows water to flow at a significantly higher speed.
  • Never use the pressure washer without water
  • Never run the machine in the bypass mode for over a few minutes. This wears out the washer’s components
  • Consider the use of chemical cleaners to easily get rid of concrete stains such as oils
  • Modern and clean mailbox

Mailboxes get damaged due to age and weathering. Replace old, dirty and broken mailboxes with new ones. This adds to your mail’s security as well as contributes to your entrance’s curb appeal.

  • Repaint and repair

To further beautify your entrance, consider repainting old house numbers, mailboxes and doorbells. You might also consider repainting the front door and install modern handles or locks. Fix broken parts or replace if damaged beyond repair.

Advanced Tips

 You might want to employ the following tips if you want to further improve your property’s overall appearance. If you do not have experience in the following areas, it may be best to consult with a professional.

  • Clean roofs and eaves

Molds accumulate and thrive on roofs and eaves. They create ugly, not to mention disgusting streaks on the surfaces. They also destroy the flaps. So if you can, consider removing these molds off regularly to sustain the appearance and life of your roof and shingles.

  • Fill missing tiles, bricks, sidings and holes

It is not uncommon to have holes on walls and sidings as well as missing tiles and blocks on walkways and patios. Fill missing tiles and bricks and pack up holes on concretes. Repairing house sidings and clapboards however, isn’t easy. These parts need competent replacement or repair to maintain its beauty and functionality. Consider professional help in repairing these damages.

  • Clean downspouts 

Pay close attention to any downspouts that are near your home’s entrance.  A clogged downspout will create an unattractive pool of water and debris. Although not easily noticeable (unless clogged), downspouts are important portions of the house. They protect your house on heavy rains. They prevent your roof’s board from rotting out.  It is important to have them cleaned or flushed out to keep them in top operating shape. You may opt to do it by yourself or by the services of a professional.

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