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Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers

green lawn and flower border landscapingLuxurious Lawn and Beautiful Borders

Beautiful lawns and exquisite landscape could enhance one’s property. For home-sellers, this is definitely an asset.But as we all know, achieving the desired landscape beauty is not at all easy. 

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For assistance, we could resort to expert landscaping companies and contractors; however, as a good start, try to tend and beautify your lawns by following some of these easy steps.

Basic Lawn Care Tips

First things first. Here are the lawn care basics that you shouldn’t overlook.

  • Trimming shrubs and trees

Regular trimming of shrubs and trees helps in keeping your property look light and polished. Keep obstructive branches and leaves off the home and walkways. In addition, employ proper and regular plant pruning. This is essential in training and maintaining plant growth, as well as in enhancing the quality of flowers and foliage on the yard.

  • Lawn mowing

It is advisable to mow the lawns regularly (preferably on Thursdays to avoid the weekend rush of prospective homebuyers.) This keeps the grass short, neat and even that makes it very pleasant to behold.

  • Edge lawns

Although lawn edging isn’t one of the most immediate parts of landscaping, this greatly contributes to the over-all, well-polished look of your property. A properly edged and well-trimmed lawn enhances the general allure of the yard. 

Edging is also a functional asset in the lawn. It separates a portion of a landscape from another. This helps in enhancing every landscape design you have in your yard. It is very handy in improving the appearance of your lawn by adding that “finished look”, as well as making every area easier to maintain. Furthermore, in parallel to lawn mowing, lawn edging could also help eliminate the growth of weeds into nearby beds or rockeries thus making your yard look neat and healthy. 

  • Flower beds

Adding flowerbeds is also another way to achieve a luxurious look. When it comes to landscaping and garden design, flowers play an important factor. They provide strong visual attraction to prospect homebuyers. Consider the following when adding flowerbeds into your yard:

    • Be sure to plant in healthy, porous and well-drained soil.
    • Build beds in places that are easily visible and could not be blocked by trees and shrubs 
    • Make sure there is adequate sunlight of around 8 hours a day for non-tropical places and 4-5 hours for tropical areas.
    • Arrange the flowers well, keeping the tallest ones behind. And make sure to choose plants suitable for your growing area.
  • Weed lawns and flowerbeds

It is also important to weed out you lawns and flowerbeds. Weeds compete with your plants for space, water, sunlight and nutrients. Not only is it unhealthy for your lawns and flowerbeds, it also reduces your garden’s visual appeal.

There are also a few things to consider in weeding. Weeding techniques vary on the type of weed involved:

  • Hand Pull - Weed should be small enough to make sure that all its roots are pulled out 
  • Crown Out - The growing heart part of the weed needs only to be removed.
  • Tuber Trace - The weed has rhizomes for root systems
  • Stem Scrape - The weed has aerial tubes that could develop once physically removed or cut through. Stem is large enough to be scraped without being cut through
  • Cut Stump - The weed doesn’t have any aerial tubers
  • Chemicals - There are products on the market that may be sprayed on weeds.  Be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions regarding type of weeds affected, application, and long term effects.

Although these factors may seem to be a bit complicated to distinguish, you could always avail the services of a landscaping company or contractor for help.

  • Water grass and flowers

There are some usual scenarios wherein irregular brown spots appear in the lawn. This is normal due to heat and shortage of water. This however, doesn’t look so pleasing especially to prospect homebuyers. To avoid this from happening, keep your lawns properly hydrated. Water your grass and flowers frequently and regularly to keep it healthy and green especially on hot seasons.  Avoid watering during the hottest time of the day to decrease evaporation.

Moderate Lawn Care Tips

To add up on those basic lawn care tips, here are additional suggestions to help keep your lawns luxurious and beautiful.

  • Add more mulch or rock

When deemed necessary, you can add more mulch and rocks to your lawns to cover up the ground. It is an effective measure to protect landscaped plants and flowers. Some of the primary benefits of mulching are as follows:

  1. Controls the growth of weeds and prevents them from coming through
  2. Retains moisture in the lawns and gardens so you don’t have to water the soil as much
  3. Helps maintain an even temperature for the plant roots
  4. Prevents soil erosion
  5. Organic mulches partially serves as a natural fertilizer, adding nutrients to the soil
  6. Adds to the overall aesthetic appeal making it more attractive and finished.
  • Fertilizers

Fertilizers play a vital role in maintaining healthy lawn or plant growth. The following are some of the essential benefits of fertilizers to plants and turfs:


Fertilizers help give plants the necessary nutrients they need to grow. Since most soils do not contain all the necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth, fertilizers must be given in order to supplement all the requisite plant needs. With healthy plants come lush, verdant and attractive foliage for your yard.

Plant Resistance

Fertilizers help plants to improve their capability of holding more water. This is very essential in keeping your lawns and plants looking healthy even during warm seasons.

Greening Agent

This is among the most advantageous benefits of applying fertilizers to lawns. Fertilizers containing nitrogen help in the formation of plant chlorophyll. This makes leaves, grasses and turfs look more green, verdant and healthy.

  • Replanting sparse beds

Sparse beds and lawns do not look pleasing to the eyes. Instead of having a positive impact on prospective buyers, unhealthy lawns or unfilled beds create an eyesore. So before it turns your prospect clients off, consider re-sowing sparse lawn areas or replanting beds with flowers, shrubs or trees, suitable for the growing season.

Advanced Lawn Care Tips

If you still wish to further enhance your lawn and increase your chances of attracting prospect buyers, take a look at the overall yard and see what more you could do. 

For instance you might see some old/dead grass in your lawn.  Instead of fighting with grass that simply won’t grow, consider replacing the area with new, curved edge beds. Beds with this kind of edge look more interesting and enticing. They add a sense of elegance to your landscape.  Two kinds of materials are used in this method: metal and plastic and pavers of concrete or stones. This might be quite complex and you might want to have the services of a professional landscaper. Remember that finishing and edgings define the idea of your landscape. Don’t let it go to waste.

A good landscape determines the quality of your property. Remember that as a home-seller, it is always wise to incorporate a sense of welcome, comfort, elegance and beauty to your property and its surroundings. Don’t waste the opportunity and display your assets in the most luxurious and beautiful way possible.  

Get Your Lawn Looking Great With These Do-It-Yourself Videos

Here are the other videos in the lawn landscaping series. Remember, although you can do these yourself it can also be not only cost effective to get them done by a professional but it will also ensure that your home is looking its best when buyers are first showing the home.



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