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Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers

green lawn and flower border landscapingSpruce Up the Special Effects Landscaping

Do you have unique items in your landscaping that need to be looked at?  Do you have decorations that no longer “shine” like when they were new?  Do you have house numbers that are faded and hard to read? How about the prized rock garden that is now missing half of the rocks?

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It is easy to overlook the unusual or out of the ordinary items when getting your home ready to be put on the market.  Sometimes these items are keepsakes made by friends and family, or that special flower pot you picked up on a family vacation.  It can also include personal items that you enjoy using in your yard but have a way of overtaking the entire area! You should take a close look at each one to be sure that it adds to your overall landscaping and does not distract from it.  It is important to take a look around your entire yard and be sure that these items have been addressed.    

Remember, buyers want to picture their own arrangements, which can be anywhere from putting in a pool to turning the entire backyard into a putting green.  Your job is to give them as much space as possible to match their visions. Listed below are some items that are frequently overlooked:

  • Remove or replace any decorations that are chipped, faded or not working.  A wall hanging that is rusted or the light fixture that no longer works becomes an eyesore and distracts from the overall look of your landscaping.
  • Keep children’s outdoor toys at a minimum and where possible, use toy boxes or shelves to keep them organized.  Although your yard is child’s playground, it is important to allow your prospective buyer to see your yard free of clutter so that they may imagine their own ideas.
  • Outdoor sports equipment should be stored in an orderly way and not scatter throughout the yard.  Consider a small shed to store balls, bats, nets, rackets, and other miscellaneous equipment.  This would also be a great place to put bicycles!
  • Inspect any pool areas to be sure they are organized, clean and clutter free.  Remove drying towels from the furniture or fence, remove pool toys that are damaged, place cleaning equipment out of sight if possible, and remove or replace any plants or flowers if necessary.
  • Any water features should be free of debris and should be in good working order.  Repair any chips or cracks, and repaint if necessary.
  • Screen doors should be clean and free of rips or tears in the screens.  Replace or repair any doorknobs that are not working.
  • Outside flower boxes should be free of weeds, replace any plants or flowers that are no longer healthy, and clean, repaint or repair the box if necessary.
  • Remove any items that are simply being stored in your yard.  This can include the old truck, the extra tires or car parts, broken swing set parts and pieces, unused flower pots, lawn equipment or garbage cans.  Consider putting up a small shed to use for your storage items or renting a storage unit to store your items until they are needed.
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Being mindful of the special features or out of the ordinary landscaping of your home and property allows you to get the most for your home.  Special features can increase the value of your home for the right buyer.  You may need to make upgrades so that buyers will see it as a feature.  You may also decide to simply remove features that may end up narrowing down your list of buyers.  Being aware of them is the key to getting more value for your home.
Ask your realtor or a landscaping professional their thoughts on any special landscaping features of your home.


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