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Lawn Mowing Service Lawn MowerWhy Do You Need a Lawn Mowing Service?

A professional in this arena can provide your lawn the care and attention that it needs without the headaches involved in doing it yourself.  A great landscaping company can help make your home a beautiful showcase to come home to or help get your home sold in a difficult market. 

Your lawn provides curb appeal to your house,  your children play in it, and it’s home to your pets and your plants.  It is the first impression that visitors or potential buyers get about you, your habits, and your personal style.  Your lawn can have a big impact on the overall feel of your dwelling place.  As an asset to you, it needs proper care but it’s the rare owner who has the time required to create and maintain a fabulous lawn.  

lawn mowing green lawn

That’s where a quality landscaper comes in.  A great landscaping company can help make your home a beautiful showcase to come home to or help get your home sold in a difficult market.  Yet with so many landscaping and lawn care companies cropping up these days, how does a homeowner go about finding a quality landscaper?  There are several factors to take into consideration as you begin your search.  

First and foremost, ask friends, families, co-workers and neighbors if they have a favorite landscaping company.  Use your favorite social networking sites to inquire about local landscapers and lawn care services.  Attend local lawn and garden shows or ask the folks at the local garden center or home improvement store.  They are often more than happy to put you in touch with local landscapers.  If you choose a landscaper referred by a neighbor, you might receive an added benefit.  The company will be saving drive time and fuel costs if they are within a short distance of a current client and may be willing to offer discounts or extra to new customers in the area.  Ask them about this possibility up front as it may influence your final decision.  

In the event that no personal referrals can be acquired from your social circle, make sure that you request existing client or past client referrals from any landscaping company that you are considering.  Alternatively, you can easily request a free no obligation quote from pre-screened lawn mowing contractors.  The landscaper should be happy to provide these.  If he or she seems hesitant about this, it’s probably best to move on and keep searching.  When speaking with previous clients, ask a variety of questions about he landscaping company.  Were appointments routinely kept in a timely manner?  Was the staff courteous and helpful?  Were there every any miscommunications?  How were those handled?  Was there ever a sudden or unexpected price increase for services rendered?  How long has that particular company provided them care?   Were any changes in lawn care plans by the client (such as adding lighting, sprinklers, or switching products) handled well by the company?  Try to obtain at least three referrals and be thorough with inquiring about the landscape company.  

When you’re satisfied about the referral, style, and service issues, you’ll want to ask a few basic questions of the business side of the lawn mowing company.  How many years have they been in business?  Are they licensed, bonded, or insured for their services depending upon local requirements?  Do they perform background checks on their employees?  You will want to verify as much of this information as possible by doing research online or with local government agencies.  You want to be sure that if something goes wrong, your landscaper isn’t a fly-by-night operation who will leave you holding the bag of leaves while they escape with the green.  

lawn mowing green lawn

It’s also advisable to check with local services such as the Better Business Bureau to see how other homeowners outside of your social circle have responded to the lawn care company.  Are there any complaints filed against the company?  How have they handled any disputes?  Information such as this is invaluable before committing to a contract with any lawn mowing provider.  

Finally, you’ll want to take budget into consideration.  In general, you get what you pay for.  But occasionally, you’ll find a company that does a stellar job for a below-market price.  Sometimes taking a gamble on a start-up company can give them an opportunity to show off their skills with your lawn and help them build an established clientele.  Just be sure before going with a newer company that you thoroughly review their policies and procedures, communicate thoroughly about your desires, and be vigilant in keeping an eye on their progress.  Many companies, both old and new, will offer a referral discount.  When you do find the right landscaping company for you, don’t hesitate to brag about them openly and let them know that you do.  The landscaper will appreciate the positive word-of-mouth advertising and some may even have a referral bonus waiting for you.

If you plan on using your lawn mowing provider for more than just mowing be sure to ask the landscaper to show you pictures of his previous work.  “Before and after” pictures are best but simply “after” pictures will do as well.  Ask yourself if the landscaping style is something that you are comfortable with.  Does the landscaper simply repeat the same style again and again or can he provide flexibility?  Are both traditional and non-traditional designs available by this lawn care service provider?  Will the company avoid making your yard and lawn look like a cookie-cutter imitation of the others in the neighborhood?  Can they handle working around any special elements that you might have such as swimming pools, delicate plants, and the like?  You’ll also want to inquire about any and all services provided by the company.  Do they trim trees? Can they provide organic lawn care if needed?  Do they install or maintain sprinkler systems?  

Finding a great landscaper can be a bit time-consuming but it’s well worth it.  A really good landscaping company will add value and joy both to your home and to your lifestyle.  Increasing curb appeal, resale value, and quality of living are three major reasons to invest the time in conducting a thorough search for quality lawn care services.  Good luck in your search and enjoy your beautifully kept new lawn! 

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