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lawn mowing contractorTop 5 Things to Consider for Choosing a Lawn Mowing Service

If you are a home owner, then you probably have a lawn too and you know that a lawn needs a lot of care and maintenance to be consistently beautiful and healthy.  Maintaining a lawn can require a lot of effort and if you're short on time you may want to get in touch with a lawn mowing service provider.

Professional lawn mowing service providers mow your lawn as well as perform other landscaping tasks concerning the care of your lawn. You can have them help you take care of your lawn partially or completely. However, selecting the right lawn provider can be time consuming and tricky since you will find hundreds of local contractors who are hoping to do a great job on your lawn. So, here are some facts that have been compiled to help you make your selection.

#1 - What Services You Require

Make it clear what maintenance tasks you expect to be done.  Some commonly provided services are mowing, trimming, sweeping, watering, pruning, pest removal, rubbish removal, weeding, fertilizing and edging.  A good idea would be to check if the mowing service company meets all your needs.  If the lawn service applies nitrogen to your lawn, then you are advised to make sure that they do it in accordance with the below recommendations. 

High Maintenance Lawn

Maintenance Practices # of nitrogen (N) applications to apply @ 1lb. N/1000 sq. ft Timing of Applications
Irrigate and remove clippings 4 Oct. - Nov. and May - June
Irrigate, clippings not removed 3 Aug. - Nov. and May - June

Low Maintenance Lawn

Maintenance Practices # of nitrogen (N) applications to apply @ 1lb. N/1000 sq. ft Timing of Applications
No irrigation, clippings removed 2 Aug. and Oct. - Nov.
No irrigation, clippings not removed 1 Sept.

#2 - Ask for Recommendations 

This could save a great deal of time finding a reliable and dependable lawn mowing service. You can ask your relatives, neighbors and people you trust about the lawn service providers they use. Ask them about the quality of work, what programs they provide, how professional are they, prices, and their overall satisfaction level. You can also get free no obligation quotes from pre-screened lawn service providers from this site.  You should also ask lawn providers if they can show you testimonials from their current or prior customers. 

#3 - Budget and Flexibility

You need to check whether the lawn mowing service is within your budget. You should take into consideration which services you are going to have and how frequently you need them to be performed. Also think about other service charges, if the company has any, you will be required to pay.  Another thing regarding lawn mowing service providers that you should consider is how flexible they are. Are they ready to make adjustments to their schedule?  If you would like to skip a service for a season, how will they deal with this?

#4 - Quality of Their Employees

You should be aware of the qualifications or certifications of the lawn mowing service employees. The employees should be capable of identifying grasses, insects, diseases, and weeds among other things.  If the lawn mowing service has certified employees, then you can be more confident about the quality of their work.    

#5 - Estimated Price and Contract

Many lawn mowing service providers may require you to sign a contract with them which describes the schedule of the services as well as the duration of the contract. It may or may not be beneficial for you.  Take a look at the available payment options and be sure to include it in the contract. 

Choosing a lawn mowing service provider can be a difficult and time consuming task.  If you are short on time or referrals, you can easily request a free no obligation lawn mowing quote from one of our pre-screened lawn service providers.

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