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Sprinkler System Installation for the Salida Homeowner


Lawn mowing and maintenance services we provide include: Lawn mowing • Edging • Fertilizing • Aerating • Thatching • New Sod • Lawn Seeding • Reseeding • Moss Killing • Weed Control • Yard Maintenance Plans - and more! Contact us for a free lawn quote.


For Salida, CA property owners, a sprinkler system is a lifesaver. Not only does it save you time you would’ve spent hand watering with a hose, but it can also:

  • Extend the life of your landscape
  • Save money on water
  • Preserve water during droughts

Without a sprinkler system installation on a new property, you may ruin your brand new landscaping. Or if you have an older home with outdated sprinklers, you may be wasting more water than you expect due to damaged sprinkler heads or holes in the underground lines.

Choice Landscaping Services offers an online quote system that connects you with sprinkler system installation pros in the Salida area. With just a few simple questions, you’ll get connected to installation companies who can perform the work affordably and quickly.

Irrigation Systems in Salida * Sprinkler Systems and Drip Systems


If you’re worried about sprinkler system cost, you’re not alone. Many Salida property owners hesitate to have irrigation systems installed on their property because they don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. Our system is designed with people like you in mind.

Because you get a full list of irrigation system cost quotes, you only have to talk to the companies within your budget. The best part is the quotes are no-obligation, which means:

  • No personal phone calls to ask for quotes
  • No dealing with salespeople trying to convince you to book services
  • No awkward follow up calls to ask if you’ve found a company yet

Our no-obligation quote system makes it easy to let our vendors know what sort of irrigation systems you’re looking for, your budget and when you’d like to get started. Then, you can choose the best quote and go from there! It’s really that easy.

Lawn Sprinkler Systems To Effectively Water Your Salida Landscaping


What’s worse than hand watering your entire Salida property? Forgetting to do it and watching your beautiful green grass turn brown. Grass and landscaping is expensive and lawn sprinkler systems are a great investment in keeping them green and lush.

Instead of needing to hand water or turn on hose sprinklers, we can find professionals to install lawn sprinkler systems that:

  • Run at night when it’s cooler
  • Water just enough to keep grass green
  • Save water and money

With our online quote system, you’ll get accurate, no-obligation quotes that make it easy to find and book sprinkler system design pros. Salida homeowners don’t have to shop around for sprinkler system installation pros any more.

Call Choice Landscaping Services at 855.805.8747 to learn how to use our online quote system.

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